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Reservation Fee, Change & Cancellation Policy

Commission for Air Ticket

  • Ticketing : $30 per ticket

  • Changes : $30 per ticket

  • Cancel : $50 per ticket

* This commission  not include Airline fee and fare difference. Airline fee or penalty follow by airlines policy.

* This commission is charged separate and non refundable.

General Policy for Tours

  • All tours except custom tours has 30% deposit and it's non refundable.

  • If you cancel prior to 3 weeks of departure date, we refund your tour payment except 30% deposit, commission and tax. 

  • If you cancel within  3weeks to departure, all tour payments are NON REFUNDABLE.

  • all air ticket that include to tour is NON REFUNDABLE.

Custom tours lead by Orange Travel

  • All tours lead by Orange Travel is custom tour for group, so it is NON REFUNABLE.

  • Due to test Positive before travel,  it is NON REFUNDABLE.

  • You may change traveler for tour but new passenger had to buy air ticket separate.

Commission for tour

  • Tour changes : $ 20 + tour difference / person

  • Tour Cancel : $30 / person

  • Package Changes : $50 /person

  • Package cancel : $50 /person 

  • Credit Card Processing Fee : 4% for all tours

* Tour and package change/cancellation policy follow operation company policy.

* This commission is charged separate and non refundable.

Cancellation Due to COVID

  • FOR TOUR : If you test Positive  prior to depart 3 days, you will refunded by general policy for tours.

  • In order to get refund, please contact agents with your booking details and test result within 4 hours after you receive the test result.

  • If pass due 4 hour, it cannot get refund.

  • FOR AIR TICKETS : Air ticket that is not include custom tour, it will follow airline policy.​

General Policy for Air Tickets

  • Air tickets change and cancellation policy follow the airline policy.

  • Air ticket commission is NON REFUNDABLE.

  • If you change dates or cancel, it will re-calculate with airline penalty, fare difference and agency commission.

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